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This review should help you decide on whether or not to invest in subliminal messages software.


Subliminal messages software will normally have a vast array of built-in positive affirmations which you can select depending on which behaviour or habits you would like to change in respect of self-development and self improvement.


These affirmations are flashed across your computer screen at speeds which your conscious mind will not recognise, they are almost undetectable to the eye, they are however assimilated and accommodated by your subconscious mind thus affecting rapid and powerful change.


There is one in particular called MindZoom subliminal software that is unique in that it also uses subliminal audio messages alongside the powerful visual input from the text messages flashing across your computer screen.  So you will also be exposed to the same affirmations in audio format, once again these will not be noticed by the human ear but they will reach your subconscious.  


This unique ability of a software application to make use of speech synthesis using subliminal audio messaging was created by the developers of MindZoom. Basically it converts all of your affirmations from text to synthesised speech, which is then transmitted through your computer speakers or headphones using a very low frequency.  


The audio affirmations are exactly the same as the visual affirmations, however it's obvious that the program cannot produce as many spoken messages as visual affirmations and statements, the reason for this is simply that to verbally pronounce a spoken affirmation takes considerably longer than to flash the sentence as a whole on your computer screen.  Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean.


Over and above the powerful text and audio functions that I've already mentioned, MindZoom provides you with a subliminal mixer. This function is unique and allows you to record your own affirmations and combine these with the music of your choice. Simply speaking this means you can have access to your positive subliminal messages just about anywhere, you can listen to them on your iPod, MP3 player, in the house or your car music system; this feature alone makes MindZoom subliminal software the best choice available.


When sitting at your computer working, or whatever you choose to do at your computer, MindZoom can expose you to as many as 3600 positive affirmations and statements each hour, each of which will bypass your conscious mind and go directly to your subconscious.


I’d also like to point out a basic difference between using this software and listening to affirmations on for example CDs or MP3 players.  The biggest difference, and the key factor in the success of this application, is the higher rate of repetition of the affirmations, as I mentioned earlier up to 3600 affirmations delivered to your subconscious each hour, this is simply not practical with the use of CDs or MP3 players.


Another advantage is that if you do decide that you prefer to listen to CDs and recordings, using the subliminal mixer function in MindZoom you can create your own customised recording, which gives you a massive advantage to buying pre-recorded CDs which may contain affirmations that are less than suitable for your chosen purpose.


A common question about this type of subliminal software is, what will it enable me to achieve, what are the limits, can it really help me achieve anything I set my mind to?


The answer I usually give this is to compare it with hypnosis, in so much as it will not make you do things that you really don't want to, however it will most definitely help you achieve the goals and objectives that you truly desire.


It enhances your minds’ natural propensity to achieve that which you think about and focus on. It's also important to remember as with any process which works with your thoughts, that in order to achieve your goals, at some point you must take action, too many people assume that changing the way you think is enough, however for any major change to take place in your life you must take action!


My views on this software and its ability to have a positive effect, for example on your health, are extremely optimistic, (see the video review at the top right of this page).  


There are proven links between thought processes and disease, the medical term is ‘psychosomatic’; the research suggests that for example stress, fears and worries and other negative thinking can affect the effectiveness of the immune system to function efficiently, thereby weakening our natural defence system and giving rise to a range of ailments.


I am not suggesting that using subliminal messages software will prevent disease or cure existing disease, however that it will assist in playing a positive role in changing the way you think, and potentially reducing the amount of stress you perceive in your day-to-day life.


I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the functionality and effectiveness of MindZoom as a tool to change the way you think and behave, in fact if you are considering the purchase of a subliminal message software program, then it is my opinion that there is no better application on the market today today.


There is however a recognised minor issue with the compatibility of MindZoom with the voice to text software Dragon Naturally Speaking, that said there is a simple workaround that you can implement to enable both programs to run at the same time. Other than this very minor issue MindZoom is by far the best subliminal messages software I have used to date.


Subliminal messages software really does work.  I hope that this review will help you decide which software to purchase.


This review of subliminal messages software is by

Bobby Jones (Ba Hons. Psychology)


Mindzoom Subliminal Software by Bobby Jones


Subliminal message software can change your life for the better. The software uses the power of positive affirmations and statements to reach your subconscious mind and effect powerful change.


The software uses messages which flash across your computer screen for such a short period of time that you will not consciously notice them, however they will reach your subconscious mind.


This is by far the most effective way to change your beliefs and your habits, it bypasses the critical conscious mind which can raise doubts, embedding itself uncensored and unregulated deep within your subconscious.


Just some of the examples of behaviour change that you can experience will include:



These are just some of the thought processes and behaviours that you will be able to change using subliminal software.  There are many more, too numerous to mention!


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The range of subliminal messages that come with MindZoom software is extensive.  You will find affirmations on self confidence, dieting, concentrating, focus, and lots more.


Not only that but you will be able to write or speak your own positive statements and affirmations.  So you will never be short of new approaches to changing your behaviour and improving your self development again.


You can check out a small sample of the Mindzoom affirmation by following the link below:-


Examples of Mindzoom Affirmations


In this section of the review, as an example, I have explained some of the main features of Mindzoom for you. After examining each feature in a step-by-step fashion, you should also view the video for a more detailed demonstration of the main features of the Mindzoom application.  If you want to edit the affirmation files, or indeed to create new files, click on the file button in the bar at the top left of the application window, and open ' create or edit affirmation file'. When you choose to create a new file, a blank window will open, this is the affirmation editor window. From this window you can choose to open and edit any of the affirmation files, or you can choose to create a new personalised file. If you choose to create a new file I would recommend that you have somewhere between 10 and 20 subliminal affirmations in each file.


You can check the features by clicking on the following link: -


Mindzoom Features


Mindzoom subliminal audio messages are transmitted at frequencies which your mind will not consciously register. However your subconscious will recognise and accommodate the content of the message.  


Mindzoom software allows you to play subliminal audio affirmations in any device that you would normally listen to your music on. You can achieve this by using the Mindzoom subliminal mixer, this unique tool allows you to mix any sound file, for example your favourite music with your choice of subliminal affirmations.


Achieving this using the subliminal message software is very simple, it takes only 3 steps, these are: -

There is even an option to include binaural beats. Subliminal Messages

The traditional way of using affirmations is to write them on cards, and attach them to places of work so that you would be exposed to them frequently.

The modern way is MindZoom. It will increase your exposure effortlessly. MindZoom also delivers affirmations through Silent Subliminal Messages, audible only to your subconscious., so you don't need pre-recorded messages. Persistence and repetition are key to success. Like anything you want to learn or accomplish, repetition is a fundamental technique, MindZoom makes that so much easier.


Many people ask me if this type of software works.  Yes is the short answer. Not only does it work but it can be more powerful than many people consider. Subliminal messages software has been around for some time now, and most applications I’ve seen and tested do work to some extent. However none to the extent I’ve witnessed with Mindzoom.


Does Mindzoom Software Work?


What are some of the advantages of working with this type of software. For me the biggest benefit by far is its usability.  It is extremely easy to use and runs in the background.  In fact you are often unaware that it is still running!  The advantage of this is that you are experiencing life changing affirmations without any effort on your part at all.  Mindzoom is one of the few applications which will facilitate both effectiveness and ease of use on this scale, giving you the maximum  advantages of subliminal message software.  


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Advantage of Subliminal Messages Software


How Effective is Subliminal Messages Software?


The subconscious mind accepts commands without questioning them. It's like a child. Have you seen how fast a child picks up languages or for example learns to use computers? At an early age the mind doesn't filter and limit new thoughts. As we grow older we imprint do's and don'ts at a conscious level. We block and question new thoughts.

Why Use Subliminal Messages Software?


Millions of people worldwide are now using subliminal messaging software on their computers.  Subliminal software users

frequently report all kinds of positive change, from work issues or improved athletic performance to improved relationships and



All these people have something in common. They realized something crucial. They realized that in order to change their lives for

the better, something has to change inside first, that is psychologically.


There is firm evidence that thinking directly affects our behaviour. Certain thoughts lead to certain results. It follows that your

current thinking defines exactly where you are today. If you are happy with who you are and what you have is enough, you can

stop reading now.


However like most of us, the desire of significant improvement in particular areas of our life is usually present.  Everyone wants to be a better person! Subliminal messaging is one of the simplest avenues and the most exciting avenues of change you can take.


Subliminal messages directly affect your subconscious mind, the seat of all behaviour.  Program messages bypass the conscious mind and critical senses and enter your subconscious mind, thus establishing and reinforcing desired change. After your desired change being reinforced through subconscious repetition of messages, you will find yourself behaving in a new and improved way.


This means better results in your life. It's that simple!


If your work performance is lacking in momentum, you can preprogram your mind to feel more motivated or excited about work. If you are desperately shy with the opposite sex, you can gain confidence in that area too. If you have a health problem, you can set your mind to take steps to better health. If you are in financial trouble, subliminal messages can give orders to the mind to find a creative route to success. Re-programming is effortless. That said, you have to want to change in the first place!


These are just some of the reasons why people choose to use subliminal software.  


Lets be honest with ourselves, change is not easy. Most people stop trying to keep their resolutions on the middle of January. Does

this sound familiar?


You may want to change, but often your mind seems to work against you, and you can not seem to stop making bad decisions. If

this sounds familiar, then the subliminal messaging software might be just what you need.


Subliminal software works by changing your thought patterns so that they influence both your decision making processes and

subsequently your behaviour.


Using the software requires minimal effort. Most subliminal programs can be used on your computer while you are doing other

tasks.  This is certainly the case with Mindzoom Software.  Why use subliminal software?

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Subliminal Computer Software


My simple view on this type of software is that there is enough evidence to support that it works, so why not take advantage of it’s ease of use and have it running in the background on your PC.  If you are sitting in front of the computer for some time most days then you have nothing to lose, and probably plenty to gain, so my final conclusion and suggestion to you is, give it a try!

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